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I am new to dance

‘I find the gym boring and would love a fun way to get fit. I know I should be doing something but I don’t really know where to start. I have always wanted to learn how to dance but never really had the confidence to go to a class’

Where you’re at

You don’t exercise very much at the moment as you just haven’t loved any of the things you have tried so far. You know you should be doing something but don’t really know where to start. You have always wanted to learn to dance and have the confidence to get on the dance floor at every party. Doing something that doesn’t feel too much like you are exercising sounds great and if it is set to an awesome playlist then even better!


I used to dance

‘I used to dance when I was younger but haven’t done it for agers and not sure what I still remember. I would love to get my confidence of the dance floor back but it is hard to find a dance class with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.’

Where you’re at

You danced when you were younger and loved it but haven’t done a dance class in years. You are feeling a little out of practice but would love to get back into dancing for fun and fitness. You are a little worried about coming down to a dance studio as they can be a little intimidating and unfriendly. You would love to improve your skills and confidence, feel fitter and stronger, get back the flexibility from your youth and never feel afraid to get on the dance floor! You would somewhere you can come after a long day at work to help you de-stress whilst having lots of fun!


I have kids that love to dance

‘I have kids that are full of energy and are always dancing in front of the TV. I would love them to try something that is fun and current that will help build their confidence and keep them fit.’

Where you’re at

You have seen dance on the telly and said “I want my kids to learn how to do that”. You would love to find a fun and encouraging environment for them to learn some cool and crazy dance moves and haven’t found a class that they love yet. You would love for your kids to build confidence and individuality whilst keeping fit and making new friends.


Free kids classes in September. We are running all of our timetabled kids classes from Monday 5th September until Saturday 10th September.

We have 10 classes to choose from so click on the button below to find out more and book your place.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us!

It’s been a great place to meet friends, get really fit and expand on my dance skills and knowledge! I would highly recommend Studio K!

When returning to London after uni (where I’d been very involved in the dance society) I was worried that I would not find anywhere decent to continue dancing. I tried a couple of studios but found them boring and lacking in interesting styles, so when I came across Studio K I was really happy to see that they had Hip Hop as well as a whole range of other classes that I had never tried before.

I started with just one class a week but was soon drawn in by all the great styles and signed up to an unlimited membership. The teachers are all amazing, they have a lot of enthusiasm and energy and work as professional dancers outside of teaching, which means that they are very current and always picking up fresh moves & ideas to teach us.

The classes are taught in a way that is enjoyable but challenging for all levels, so that you are constantly improving and developing. It’s been a great place to meet friends, get really fit and expand on my dance skills and knowledge! Would highly recommend Studio K

Yasemin Crouch

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