I have Kids That Love To Dance

Getting children active can sometimes prove difficult, especially with the technology that is around today. Often children are happy sat with a tablet, device or television, becoming less active over the years.

It can be difficult to find a class that your children love. Children go through different phases of what they may enjoy, and it is hard to find a class that is perfect for them as an individual.

We offer dance classes for anyone aged from 3 years to 15 years, they cater for all ages and abilities, with fun and active routines and music. Our classes adopt a fun, friendly and happy environment, where children from all different backgrounds have a place to meet, socialise, get fit and learn some really cool moves.

With social media today, teenagers especially are saturated with the latest dance craze, or most recent video that is surfacing the internet. Dance is becoming increasingly popular, especially if it is something they can do with their friends. We ensure we play all of the latest music, and incorporate any of the latest fun and diverse moves into our classes.

No matter what age or ability, every step is taken slowly and explained. The classes are fun and easy to follow, helping to burn energy and build confidence. Most parents may find their children to be full of energy when they return from school or over the weekends. What a better way to burn energy, socialise and get fit than with one of our classes?

We have advisor on hand for any needs or queries that parents may have. Whether they may be how to get your children more active and eating healthier, to what routines they may be doing next and how they can progress into our performance and competition squad.

Our Street Dance and Break Dance classes are a great way to build confidence as they will lean to freestyle and will never be off the dance floor at a party again! It can help encourage their socialising skills, as well as learning about how important exercise is.

If you are interested in getting your child involved in one of our classes then contact us today to book your free trial class.


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