Here at Studio K we are very excited to now be offering Pole Dance Courses.

Pole Dance is a great way to get fit, build strength and gain confidence.

At the moment these run in 5 week blocks and we offer courses for beginners, Improvers and Intermediate levels.

Over each 5 week course you will learn moves, techniques and tricks and will get the opportunity to experience training on both static and spinning pole.

All of our Pole Dance courses are open to both members and non members…always fancied giving it a go? Then get in touch and come along! Warning…you might love it and get totally hooked!

Fill in the form below to claim your free pole dance taster class.

I had wanted to do pole dancing for a few years but never managed to find anywhere local or pluck up the courage to go. I really enjoy dancing and fitness so pole dancing seemed a perfect combination. Doing the same old stuff at the gym can get boring and I was really looking for a new challenge which could push me physically, give me a great work out but also most importantly, have fun at the same time!

Having never done pole dancing and not knowing what exactly to expect, my biggest reservation was ‘will I be able to do it?’. I have seen these incredible woman/ men spinning around a pole oozing sex appeal and making it look easy, however I lacked confidence and didn’t think I would be able to do it – did I have the strength, coordination and sass to pull it off?!

My first class was better than I could possibly have imagined. Not only was I welcomed as soon as I arrived, the other girls also taking part were very friendly which made me feel at ease. We started off with a warm up and some basic exercises to get us used to handling a pole and ended with a short routine. The teacher is a fun, strong and sassy girl and definitely knows how to get the best out of her students! Even though most of the girls had never met before, everyone in the class was encouraging and cheering each other by the end, there was a strong sense of pride when your partner managed to nail a spin.

The best thing I got from the class was confidence! I never thought I would be able to achieve what I have today. I took the plunge and I went for it – nearly a year later I have a new found passion, friends and a plethora of instagram photos! My confidence has grown not only within my self and my ability to take on new things, but I am also more body positive and aware of myself than I was before. I know I can push myself to limits I didn’t possible and I have the confidence to strive to be better and better.

Claire Banham Godfrey

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