Spring Term Dates
Monday 6th January to Saturday 4th April
(Half Term – Monday 17th February to Sat 22nd February)

LIVE May 2020 schedule & Zoom Links (Week beg 6th)


10am – Booty Blast (Fitness) – Tijana (Adult Class)

12pm- Hip Hop – Fern (Adult Class)

4pm – Contemp Youth (inter/adv) (11-16yrs) – Rachel (Kids Class)

6pm – Contemporary – Rachel (Adult Class)

7pm – RaggaTONE – Yasemin (Adult Class)


12pm – Contemporary – Taylor (Adult Class)

4pm – Junior Contemporary (7-10yrs) – Rachel (Kids Class)

5pm – Youth Contemporary (11-15yrs) – Rachel (Kids Class)

6pm – Commercial – Fern (Adult Class)

7pm – Hip Hop – Fern (Adult Class)

8pm- Clubbercise – Tijana (Adult Class)


10am – Ab Attack (fitness) – Tijana (Adult Class)

12pm – RaggaTONE – Yasemin (Adult Class)

3pm – Mini&Lil’ Groovers (3-6yrs) – Harriet (Kids Class)

4pm – Junior Street Beginners (5-7yrs) – Harriet (Kids Class)

5pm- Kaos crew training – Harriet (Adult Class)

6pm- Jazz – Paola (Adult Class)

7pm – Slow Flow Yoga – Yasemin (Adult Class)


4pm – Junior Street Dance (6-10yrs) – Fern (Kids Class)

5pm- Youth Street Dance (11-15yrs) – Fern (Kids Class)

6pm – Ballet – Ginger (Adult Class)

7pm – Waacking – Ginger (Adult Class)

8pm – inter/adv Contemporary – Taylor (Adult Class)


12pm – Full Body Blast – Tijana (Adult Class)

***7:30pm – Virtual Social / Quiz Night***


9:30am -Mini&Lil’ Groovers (3-6yrs) – Harriet (Kids Class)

10:30am – Junior Street Dance (6-10yrs) – Harriet (Kids Class)

11:30am – Youth Street Dance (11-15yrs) – Fern (Kids Class)

2pm – Knetics & K-motion training – Fern (Kids Class)


11am – Slow Flow Yoga – Yasemin (Adult Class)

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